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20 Aguado Etudes Arranged for Acoustic Guitar

There is some irony in the path that took me to record these solo Etudes by Dionysio Aguado (1784-1849). Due to a childhood accident, the first joint on my right hand middle finger basically doesn’t move. This makes standard right hand finger style technique (plucking the strings with fingers, rather than a pick, which is essential for traditional classical guitar playing) impossible for me. In order to compensate for the immobility of that joint, I have to put a lot of stress on the rest of my hand while playing finger style. So, I decided to go back to my roots, and focus on guitar styles that use a pick, at least for the time being. I made that decision right around the same time that I discovered these pieces. These Etudes (studies) were written specifically for right hand (finger style) development, but I am playing them here with a pick. In my arrangement, most of the changes I made to the music are due to the physical necessity (using one pick, instead of five fingers). However, there are several changes that I also made simply for my own artistic expression. In short, this is not a traditional rendering of this music, and I’m not sure if Aguado himself would approve, but I hope you do.